Week One in the Podcast World – How Distracting

I guess you could say our first official week in the podcast business, while exhilarating, has also been, ah, well… distracting. In fact, when we looked up, it has only been two days!

We didn’t know what to expect or how we’d be received when we launched “Distraction.” But that didn’t stop us from pulling it all together over the past few months: honing a strategy, deciding on a show format, lining up guests, listening to first takes, and seconds, and thirds, building websites, seeking out audiences and earning followers, reading and re-reading best practices, tweeting our hearts out, and holding our breath as the show went live.

Would anyone download? Would anyone comment? Would our breakfast champagne toast turn into a straight scotch by lunch? Imagine our relief on discovering that within hours of posting, we already had a few hundred listeners.

We implored our staff to tell friends, and friends of their friends, and their first-grade buddies, former lovers, gym teachers, dry cleaners, favorite pizzeria owners, aunts, uncles, spin classes, landscapers, therapists—you get the idea.

screen grab

And then it happened. Someone looked up the leader board on iTunes and went running around with a screen grab of our Distraction podcast: At least for the moment, we were listed 8th in the Health category and 1st in the Self-Help category! Things were going so well that a podcast we’re producing in an unrelated category made it to iTunes’ New and Noteworthy section—and it hadn’t even launched yet.

We couldn’t keep up with the outpouring of retweets and the postings from our valued colleagues helping us spread the word, not to mention a flurry of media attention.

But ultimately, what we were hearing—and what matters the most in these early days—was that our message was resonating. People were relating to the premise that they are easily distracted by our over-connected, crazy-busy, 24/7 modern world and were either crying for help or looking for solid ideas and information on how they could help others.

Here’s what some of them said:

“This podcast is for everyone. The topics are enlightening and Dr. Hallowell is fantastic.”

“Helpful solutions …allows you to focus on what’s really important.”

“As a single mom, I have a hard time staying off the phone and giving proper time to my daughter. Some great info.”

“We’re all stuck in this non-stop world and are guinea pigs for today’s technology. Dr. Hallowell’s voice is soothing and he has good ideas.”

“Hearing this information via a podcast helps me process it in another way that I really enjoy.”

“I’m already hooked!”

Thanks to everyone who made our launch so special. WE CAN’T WAIT FOR YOU TO HEAR IT – SO GO AHEAD AND LISTEN!

In the meantime, on to Day Three.


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