Unexpected Connection at Neighborhood Coffee Shop

This is a transcript of the podcast Distraction, your survival guide to our crazy-busy, ever-connected modern world hosted by Dr. Edward Hallowell, ADHD expert. Dr. Hallowell makes an unexpected connection with a woman going into labor at a neighborhood coffee shop.

Mini Episode 4: The Unexpected Happens

DR. HALLOWELL: Hi. This is Dr. Ned Hallowell. Thank you for joining us for a mini distraction. Like our full length show, these mini episodes will be different every time, only they’ll be shorter. It’s a crazy busy world, and you don’t have a lot of time. We get it. So these episodes are for you.

Minis might include a few tips to help you stay focused, or they could be an interesting conversation I had at a coffee shop. Even we can’t predict what we’ll include. Speaking of coffee shops, hopefully you heard our mini where we shared the story that Anne Marie told me at East Rock Coffee. We’ve been recording more conversations there from time to time, and a few weeks ago, I just sat down with a man named Anton.

Coffee Talk

unexpected connection



Speaker 3: We’ll have you move over here, Anton.

Speaker 2: Yes. Hi.


Speaker 2: Ned.


Speaker 2: Nice to meet you.

DR. HALLOWELL: You too. You too.

What I didn’t know was that as I was speaking with Anton, a commotion erupted a few tables away. A woman named Meg was currently in labor. Our producer walked away from me and Anton and started recording. You’ll hear the voices of Meg, her husband, our producer Roxanne Drolet, and a friend of the couple Matthew, who should probably be a radio host himself.

An Unexpected Connection

Roxanne: You’re actually in labor right now.

Meg: Possibly. I’m having lots of contractions.

Roxanne: What’s your due date?

Meg: A week from today.

Roxanne: Is this a surprise that you’re going into labor early?

Meg: No. It’s the second kid.

Roxanne: How do you feel?

Meg: Pain. Lots of pain.

Roxanne: How far apart are the contractions?

Meg: A couple minutes. It may stop. It may keep going.

Matt: Have you considered heading to the hospital?

Meg: Not yet.

Matt: Is it okay with the proprietors of East Rock Coffee for you to have a child here?

DR. HALLOWELL: At this point, the owner of East Rock Coffee joins in the conversation.

Roxanne: She’s in labor.

Owner: You’re in labor?

Meg: Some stage of labor, yeah.

Owner: Do I need to call the hospital? Like, do you want me to deliver your baby? I’m totally down!

Matt: We’re trying to get your permission for her to have the baby here.

Owner: Yeah, listen. I said I’ll do it!

Matt: Will you name a drink after the child?

Owner: Absolutely!

Roxanne: Her husband is standing here. How do you feel about this whole thing?

Husband: Well, if we deliver here, the middle name will have to be double latte, so I’m not quite sure if that will work, but.

Roxanne: Did you expect this today?

Husband: Not today, but sometime soon. It’s always fun. We’re well supplied.

Owner: Do we have time to wait for a bagel?

Husband: Yes, we do. Yes.

Roxanne: Thank you so much for doing this.

Meg: No problem.

The Power of Human Connection

DR. HALLOWELL: Can you believe during my interview a woman went into labor? I can’t remember being in a public place and having someone go into labor. Quite an auspicious beginning for someone’s life.

I want to give a very special shout-out and thanks to the East Rock Coffee House in New Haven, Connecticut. They really are the clubhouse if you will for the show and are the inspiration for it in many ways. Electronics are not allowed to be used there and you can’t be online. You have to be talking to people. It’s about the human connection, which is really the most powerful fundamental force for all that’s good in life.

Dave, Colin, and the staff are just wonderful people. They’ve been very generous opening their doors. Support those kind of coffee houses wherever you might have one in your neighborhood. East Rock Coffee embodies the human connection at its very, very best.

Closing Statements

That’s it. If you have a question or a suggestion, call us toll free at 844-55-CONNECT, email us at [email protected] or go to our website at distractionpodcast.com. To hear more mini and full length episodes, subscribe to Distraction on iTunes. Thanks so much for listening.

This is a transcript of the podcast Distraction, “The Unexpected Happens”. Distraction is available on iTunes.


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