S2 Ep27: Peter Shankman is Faster Than Normal

S2 Ep27: Peter Shankman is Faster Than Normal

Peter Shankman is a well known entrepreneur, author and host of the highly popular podcast, Faster than Normal. As you’ll hear in this episode, Peter truly is faster than normal, as he talks faster than anyone we’ve had on the show thus far! But for good reason– he’s got a ton to say about the positive side of ADHD!

He recently called in to Distraction to share a few stories with Dr. Hallowell, including the unbelievable tale of how he wrote his bestselling book Zombie Loyalists. It’s a highly unusual story that underscores the belief that people with ADHD can and should develop their own way of doing things. If you’d like to contact Peter, send an email to [email protected]

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