S2 Ep 49: Live Listener Q&A with Dr. Hallowell

S2 Ep 49: Live Listener Q&A with Dr. Hallowell

If you’re not following Distraction on facebook you’re missing out on opportunities to ask Dr. Hallowell your questions! A few weeks ago we hosted a live facebook event where Dr. Hallowell was asked about everything from ADHD symptoms, meds, and diagnoses to finding a path to success, dealing with anxiety, disciplining your ADHD child and more. So many questions in fact, that we couldn’t get to them all! Dr. Hallowell was joined in the studio by George from our marketing department and our producer, Sarah. Take a listen to this unique episode and please “like” Distraction on facebook (if you haven’t already!) so you can have the chance to ask your questions during our next facebook live event!

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