S3 Ep1: Cassandra Bankson Turned Her Struggles Into Success

S3 Ep1: Cassandra Bankson Turned Her Struggles Into Success

Cassandra Bankson got her first pimple in third grade and by middle school was relentlessly bullied because of her sever acne, even becoming suicidal at one point. As an adult Cassandra found a way to turn her struggles into a passion for helping others, as she tells Ned in this open and often emotional conversation.

Cassandra is a successful model and You Tube star who has learned that “absolutely ANYTHING is possible if your mind and heart is in it. I’m here to share my struggles and successes while following my dream of helping others rediscover and reach their fullest potential,” she has said. Bankson also happens to have ADHD. She posts science-based skincare videos and healthy living content created to educate and entertain on her You Tube channel where her videos have been viewed millions of times.

Watch Cassandra’s videos on her website CassandraBankson.com.

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