S3 Mini6: The Future of ADHD is VAST

S3 Mini6: The Future of ADHD is VAST

Dr. Hallowell shares his thoughts on the current state of ADHD with Distraction listeners. He is just finishing up his latest book with co-author, Dr. John Ratey, where they’ve coined a new name for the condition– expanding its reach to include millions of people.

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  • Waqas Ahmad Janjua Posted October 26, 2018 4:52 am

    Hi Doctor Halloway, I am really fortunate to listen to key latest research in ADHD by you. I struggle with ADHD and with it depressiona and anxiety. I cracked under anxiety this week during my sports training session. My coach doesnt believe my performance came down to 10 percent from 80 percent. Doctor Hollaway, I struggle with maintaining focus during pressure situations all my life. The good thing I am a really hard worker sportsman and graduate. So I work more hard and smart but it is my wondering mind during those pressure moments I call opportunities I want to maintain my focus to become great player in my sports of cricket. I also never used medication all life. So please doctor Holloway can you help me reccomend me what to do to strongly keep my focus on the job during the matches and also in daily life? I believe in positivity and and I know that someday my hard work in cricket will pay and I shall click.

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