Re-Release: Productivity Tips to Get Stuff Done

Re-Release: Productivity Tips to Get Stuff Done

Kristin Seymour accomplishes more in one day than most do in a week! And she might be the only person we know that travels with a cooler and ice packs in her car… just in case! This busy ADHDer (and previous Distraction guest) joins Dr. Hallowell to share her very best ideas for getting things done. The Clinical Nurse Specialist also shares some encouraging stories about some of the kids and adults she’s worked with to help accomplish their goals. Learn about incentives, buffers, prioritizing and more through the practical ideas and solutions Kristin offers up in this episode.

To learn more about Kristin or to get a copy of her book, The Fog Lifted, click HERE.

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This episode was originally released in April 2018.


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