S3 Ep21: Rethinking How ADHD is Diagnosed & Treated

S3 Ep21: Rethinking How ADHD is Diagnosed & Treated

Dr. Charles Parker of Core Brain Journal engages Ned in a discussion about the evolution of ADHD and the current problems with many treatment plans. Dr. Parker warns people to be especially wary of the interaction between Prozac and amphetamines, and discusses the common misdiagnosis of bipolar disorder. 

Core Brain Journal website

Dr. Parker’s YouTube video about Prozac & Drug Interactions

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  • Dr. Charles Parker (@drcharlesparker) Posted February 16, 2019 7:38 am

    Thanks so much, Ned, for inviting me on these essential conversations that you’re providing to shed fresh light on the evolution of mind science and Executive Function! Teamwork and participatory medicine change the game.

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