S3 Ep 27: Yes You Can Just Do It!

S3 Ep 27: Yes You Can Just Do It!

Allison Hausman had an idea and she went for it. She joins Ned to talk about the podcast project she conceived of and created, and provides some inspiration for our listeners who need a little push to get started on their own projects. As Allison says in this episode, “Keeping up the energy (to work on your project) is a choice. No one’s going to do it unless you do.” 

Allison’s project: The Pledge Podcast

Allison’s email: [email protected]

This episode is sponsored by Landmark College, the college of choice for students who learn differently. Learn more HERE.


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  • Frona Daskal Posted March 27, 2019 4:18 pm

    Fascinating story of someone who wanted to make the world a better place and was able to persevere and realize her dream.

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