ADHD and Sex

ADHD and Sex

Dr. Ari Tuckman, a psychologist and certified sex therapist, talks about how ADHD can impact a couple’s sex life. Dr. Tuckman’s latest book, ADHD After Dark: Better Sex Life, Better Relationship, is based on a 72-question survey with more than 3,000 responses from couples where one has ADHD.

Plus, hear details about this year’s annual ADHD conference taking place in Philadephia, PA, November 7-9, 2019. Hint: Dr. Hallowell will be there! For more info:

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  • Brittany Posted October 7, 2019 8:57 pm

    I was slightly disappointed, but certainly not surprised that there was nothing groundbreaking or specific to those with ADHD.
    Honestly, you would have reached the exact same results with neurotypical test subjects because collectively, the vast majority of our needs are the same and they are affected by the same things.
    Most people would rather choose quality over quantity.
    Sexual satisfaction influences your overall satisfaction with your partner.
    Most women are more receptive to sex when their partner is low maintenance and helpful.
    Your ability to cope with daily stresses is increased when you have a satisfying sex life and you have a more satisfying sex life when your daily stresses are decreased.

    You really couldn’t draw a definitive line and say this sexual behaviour or attitude towards sex is unique to people with ADHD because, there are far too many other factors to consider, which would result in many different outcomes.

    • Brittany Posted October 7, 2019 8:59 pm

      I am a 32 year old woman who has lived with inattentive and hyperactive ADHD, for her entire life and has been taking Dexamphetamine for the past 27 years (currently 120mg/day).

      When I am in a relationship, I require sex a minimum of 4 times a day, even every day throughout my 9 year marriage.
      For me, sex has nothing to do with love or an emotional connection, it’s purely physical.
      There are no prerequisites or constraints for sex to happen. I believe things like stress, illness, energy, having children, location, procrastination, a busy lifestyle and not being ‘in the mood’, are all just convenient excuses that people have come to accept.

      • Brittany Posted October 7, 2019 9:01 pm

        Unless it’s for a major event like going to a swingers club, scheduling sex has to be the most boring and unromantic idea I have ever heard of. It makes sex just another chore to tick off a list.
        I don’t even plan my weekly meals because, I can’t commit to making or eating a meal that I might not be in the mood for when the time comes, or I might want on Tuesday and not Friday.

        My medication neither positively nor negatively affects my sex drive, my ability to be attentive during sex or to orgasm.
        I can simultaneously be mentally present and mindful, whilst also thinking about 20 different random things. The difference when I’m medicated, is how loud the background thoughts are.
        In conjunction with my partner’s virility, all I need are warm feet, silence and lack of eye contact to orgasm and my sex drive actually increases when I’m not medicated.

        Thank you for your podcast.
        I look forward to reading your book.

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