Stop and Smell the Roses May Be a Cliche, But It’s Still Good Advice

Stop and Smell the Roses May Be a Cliche, But It’s Still Good Advice

Dr. Hallowell reveals the details of a special day he recently shared with his family, as he reminds us that during the pandemic it’s especially important to take time to appreciate the small things.

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Dr. Ned Hallowell:

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Hello, this is Dr. Ned Hallowell, and welcome to a mini episode of Distraction, another in our series of episodes during the pandemic. This time, I’d like to talk about savoring a day. These days we’re preoccupied, and anxiety is the order of the day. But I’d like to give you an example of a day I, myself savored. Talking from my own experience, because I know it firsthand, and it only occurred Father’s Day. But I think it could stand as an example for all of us, along the lines of savoring a day. Now, I had a lot of help, and I think that’s the main point. To savor a day, it helps if you have help. So, it was Father’s Day, and I was lucky enough that all three of my grown children were around. And so they started the day off, my daughter, Lucy and her brother, Tucker, by going out and gathering up groceries, and making this wonderful breakfast for me of hash browns, and Tucker’s special scrambled eggs with mushrooms and onions in them. And bacon and sausage, and strawberries and blueberries in a bowl, and coffee.

And just a feast of a breakfast. And it was a very hot day. What we had planned for the afternoon, was the two boys and Lucy and I, were going to go off and play a round of golf. Well, it was so hot, Lucy said, “I’m going to stay and work on dinner with Mom.” Because they were making this special dinner for me. So off we went to a little golf course, because it was Father’s Day, it had been hard to find reservations. And it was a little golf course, about 40 miles West. So we drove, and drove, and drove. And I was worried we were going to be late, but we got there and it was this charming little golf course in a small town called Lunenburg. And we were able to reserve two carts, and play the whole round for just $50 for a foursome, which is unheard of. And yet Tucker and Jack and I went out and started to play.

And it’s not that I love golf, I do love golf, but I’m very bad at golf. But what’s wonderful about it, is I play with my boys, mainly with my boys. But my two boys are good and they can just pulverize the ball. I’m 70 years old with two artificial hips, but I hit it, I get around, I complete the holes. Now and then I’ll actually hit a good shot. And yesterday I sank some long putts, 30, 40 foot putts, amazing that they go in. But most important was seeing my boys just exalts. They compete with each other, they rag on each other. They’re just having fun. They’re living life. They’re just the embodiment … To me every time I’m with them, my greatest wish in life was to give my kids the happy childhood I wasn’t lucky enough to have had. And Sue and I succeeded in providing them with that. It’s just always an experience of enormous satisfaction, unlike really any other. To see them grown up and happy, and healthy and just out having fun, luckily enough with me.

So we had our wonderful round of golf and came home, and there were Sue and Lucy working on, again, this dinner, which was going to be grilled halibut and swordfish, along with coleslaw and these very special potatoes, new from Ina Garten, a recipe. They’re roasted potatoes, they’re to die for, and asparagus with hollandaise sauce. We don’t usually have that, but I happen to love hollandaise sauce, so Sue made that. And then Lucy for dessert, made this delicious strawberry rhubarb tart. And all that food, along with some wine, the five of us, my wife Sue, and the three kids sitting at our new picnic table, which was their father’s day present to me. Again, it was for me a perfect day, a perfect day highlighting what are the most important elements of life for me, being with my family, loving them, active with them, golfing, eating, drinking, kidding one another, along with Lucy’s dog and Jack’s dog.

So we had two dogs in the fray, of course, Layla, a tiny little dog, Lucy’s dog, a Chiweenie, and Max, a 110 pound, enormous mutt, made of everything, but the handsomest dog you’ll ever see, two years old. And I went to sleep that night, just sleeping the sleep of good life. It was the sort of thing you say, “Well, if I die tonight, I will have had a wonderful life.” I guess that’s what I mean by savoring. You’re at peace, not to say there aren’t problems. Yes, of course, there’s always problems. Life is problems, life is loss, life is struggle, life is difficulty, but it also is an experience to savor, if you give yourself a moment to do so.

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Distraction is created by Sounds Great Media. Our producer is the beautiful, talented Sarah Guertin, and our recording engineer and editor, is the well loved and beautifully talented Patrick Keogh.

The episode of Distraction you just heard, was sponsored by OmegaBrite CBD, formulated by OmegaBrite Wellness, creators of the number one Omega-3 supplements for the past 20 years. OmegaBrite CBD, safe, third party tested, and it works. Shop online at


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