Minimize ADHD’s Impact on Your Relationships

Minimize ADHD’s Impact on Your Relationships

How do you work through issues that arise when you and/or your significant other have ADHD? Sue Hallowell (a couple’s therapist and Ned’s wife of 31 years) sat down with Ned in the kitchen of their Massachusetts home to talk about the realities of being married to someone with ADHD. Sue’s insights shed light on how to navigate the frustrations of being the “non-ADHD” half of the couple, and what predicts whether a relationship will succeed. You’ll hear the love as Ned and Sue talk shame, blame, excuses and more in this heartwarming episode.

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This episode was originally released in August 2019.

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  • Chere Kelley Posted August 20, 2020 5:10 pm

    As a learning specialist , Years ago I ran workshops for college students with LD and ADHD. It was co-hosted with an intern Ph.d in psychology. These meetings were well attended and very supportive . Much of what Sue shared was information shared by students, partners, and professionals so I appreciated being validated that I was on the right track years ago. Although in a different role then at that time, I still share and conduct talks with students to understand how their ADHD affects others and also how this is a part of them they need to understand how their actions are not intentional. We then work with ways to make small changes that can be positive. Appreciated listening to this. I enjoy your podcasts and share many of them with my students and parents when appropriate

    Love her comment about not accepting fully how their ADHD truly affects them and having realistic expectations. Thank you for being real

    • Sarah Guertin Posted September 1, 2020 12:32 pm

      Thank you so much for your comment! We will pass it along to Sue. We’re glad you found the conversation validating. Thanks for listening!

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