You’re Not Just a Square Peg in a Round Hole

You’re Not Just a Square Peg in a Round Hole

If you have ADHD you’ve probably felt like you didn’t “fit in” at some point in your life. And that can be very difficult to deal with. In this episode Dr. H talks with a Distraction listener named Elaine who reached out to us with a message that was so poignant we knew we had to have her on the podcast.

As you’ll hear Elaine describe in this episode, getting diagnosed with ADHD was a turning point in her life. And like many other women, Elaine wasn’t diagnosed until her child was!

In addition to having ADHD, Elaine also struggles with sleep issues like narcolepsy and sleep paralysis; depression, anxiety and hypothyroidism. And as she wrote in her message to us, “… the damage of feeling like crap about myself for my whole life is something that will take continued effort to overcome.”

We really hope this conversation with Dr. H helps Elaine and others realize that they have many gifts to offer this world! 

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