Questions Practitioners Ask When Diagnosing ADHD

Questions Practitioners Ask When Diagnosing ADHD

Angel Gambino is a serial entrepreneur with an insanely organized refrigerator who recently realized she might have ADHD.

Angel shares her story with Dr. H in a conversation that illustrates the kinds of questions a practitioner would ask as part of the process to determine if someone has ADHD.  

Angel’s good friend, Freda, joins the conversation to share additional insights about Angel, as Ned always recommends including a close friend or relative in this kind of discussion. 

The purpose of this conversation is to demonstrate the kinds of questions a practitioner would ask as part of a lengthier process to diagnose a person with ADHD. Therefore, Dr. Hallowell does not diagnose Angel with ADHD in this episode. He just strongly suspects she has it! 

Keep listening at the end of this episode for a special feature from Dr. Carol Locke of OmegaBrite Wellness. Dr. Locke shares some of the latest information about the Covid vaccine, and herd immunity in particular. 

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