Simone Biles, Howie Mandel & Lisa Ling Are ADHD All-Stars

Simone Biles, Howie Mandel & Lisa Ling Are ADHD All-Stars

Simone Biles is not ashamed of her ADHD. Howie Mandel can’t remember a time when he didn’t have ADHD and OCD. And Lisa Ling learned how to manage her ADHD before she even knew she had it.

In this mini Ned shares some of the tweets and thoughts these three highly successful individuals have expressed about their own ADHD.

Plus you’ll hear what Lisa Ling recommends for anyone who thinks they might have ADHD, in a clip from her conversation with Dr. H back in 2017!

CLICK HERE to listen to Lisa Ling talk about having ADHD in this Distraction episode from Season Two!

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