Q&A with Dr. H: What Does Inattentive ADHD Look Like in Girls?

Q&A with Dr. H: What Does Inattentive ADHD Look Like in Girls?

Today’s question is from a listener named Cynthia who wrote in part, “I often read that girls, who more commonly have the inattentive type, don’t get diagnosed because they aren’t disruptive but dreamy. It concerns me to read that the boys are diagnosed two to three times more often than girls. If we knew to look for the dreamy, flaky children, would we find those with inattentive ADHD and get them help, or is it still too difficult to tell?”

Dr. H responds by sharing some of the ways ADHD presents itself in girls and what to look for. He also shares the story of how he didn’t recognize ADHD in his own daughter!

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