It’s Nice to Hear You – A Matchmaking Experiment

It’s Nice to Hear You – A Matchmaking Experiment

At the beginning of the pandemic last year Heather Li found herself out of work and newly single. She was lonely, living in New York City, and had a lot of time on her hands. So she decided to create a dating experiment, solely based on the exchange of voice messages between two people. Each “experiment” lasted for 30 days, with each pair sharing one voice message a day with their match. And brilliantly, Heather documented it all in a podcast so we could follow along and listen to what happens. 

Heather shares with Ned what she learned about her own communication style and the role vulnerability plays in really getting to know someone. It’s a fascinating conversation about the power of voice and the power of connection.

Listen to Heather’s awesome new podcast at It’s Nice to Hear You.

From the podcast’s website: IT’S NICE TO HEAR YOU explores human connection through the power of voice. The podcast is created from a matchmaking experiment based on the exchange of voice memos. It shares stories about compatibility, vulnerability and empathy, narrated by the creator of the experiment and anchored by the voices of a few strangers who participated.

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  • Timothy Self Posted May 7, 2021 2:33 am

    Loved this Podcast

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