A Reminder That Your Past Does Not Define Your Future

A Reminder That Your Past Does Not Define Your Future

Jacquelyn Phillips ‘ life story is one of hope and triumph. Just by reading the back cover of her book, Comfortably Uncomfortable: The Road to Happiness Isn’t Always Paved, you can tell she’s been through a lot. 

“Jacquelyn hated herself. She sabotaged everything she did before she even started… her upbringing was toxic… her marriage was crumbling… her friendships were built on lies… she tried to kill herself…”

Jacquelyn talks with Dr. Hallowell about her life, childhood, and the  low points that made her finally decide to choose a new path for herself in this open and frank conversation. Jacquelyn’s story is an incredible reminder that we all have the power within us to change.

Click HERE to get a copy of Jacquelyn’s book.

Jacquelyn’s website: GrownUpGrowingPains.com

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