Q&A with Dr. H: How Can I Be More Supportive of My Partner’s ADHD?

Q&A with Dr. H: How Can I Be More Supportive of My Partner’s ADHD?

Today’s question is about ADHD and romantic relationships. A listener reached out with the following:

“I recently started a wonderful relationship with someone who has ADHD. After about a month symptoms started flaring up and resulted in confusion and some difficult emotions.

I’m looking for advice on being as supportive a partner as I can be while he is dealing with this. And although I know there might not be anything— any way I can help.

I have concerns that maybe I was just an object of hyper focus in the beginning and now that is past. I also have concerns that our relationship threw a wrench in his routines and contributed to this happening.

I feel bad thinking that and he does still want me in his life. So maybe that thinking is just my own insecurities kicking in. I really care about this person and just want to do what I can for the best outcome.” 

In response, Ned shares his best advice on navigating a relationships with someone who has ADHD. He also gives lots of credit to his wife, Sue, for their successful marriage! 

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