Alisyn Camerota and Heather Dubrow on Careers, Kids and Mom Guilt

Alisyn Camerota and Heather Dubrow on Careers, Kids and Mom Guilt

We’re kicking off our 6th season of the podcast with a series of episodes hosted by CNN anchor, Alisyn Camerota! Alisyn is the mother of three teenagers and will be speaking with celebrities, experts and other professionals to talk about the issues families are facing right now. 

Today we’re sharing the second part of Alisyn’s conversation with with actress, entrepreneur and mother of four,  Heather Dubrow. The star of The Real Housewives of Orange County and Alisyn talk about why moms feel pressure from social media, the surprising fact that your teenagers don’t always hate you, and Heather shares some solid advice for parents.

And of course they talk about Heather’s return to reality television for the 16th season of Housewives, and what the experience has been like for her and her family.  

Next week, Alisyn speaks with ABC News correspondent Gloria Riviera, about the struggles working parents face in the United States to find quality, affordable childcare and her new podcast series featuring Kristen Bell that explores this issue, No One Is Coming To Save Us. Gloria also reveals her own struggles with “mom guilt” as the two talk about the vast differences in how they were brought up in the 1980s, versus their own kids today.

That episode drops on Tuesday!  

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