Teenage Boys Need to Hear From Their Parents About Sex and Relationships

Teenage Boys Need to Hear From Their Parents About Sex and Relationships

Our guest-host, CNN’s Alisyn Camerota, is joined by her twin 16-year old daughters and Dr. Lea Lis, The Shameless Psychiatrist, for part two of a revealing conversation about what dating and romance is really like for teenagers today. 

Building on the conversation from our previous episode, Dr. Lis reminds us that boys shouldn’t be left out of this conversation. “I see so many of them are just lost,” she says. “They don’t connect. They can’t form bonds. Moms and dads don’t say anything. They’ll talk to the girls. And they don’t say anything to boys,” Dr. Lis can be heard saying in today’s episode. 

Dr. Lis shares some practical advice about how to talk to boys about sex, and offers detailed suggestions for “coming of age rituals” to help young men and women navigate their passage into adulthood. 

You’ll also hear Dr. Lis’ best tips for teenagers on how to navigate relationships and sex. 

Parents need to be having these conversations with their kids and this episode will give you the skills and tools to start the dialogue. 

Dr. Lis book, No Shame, Real Talk with Your Kids About Sex, Self-Confidence, and Health Relationships is available HERE

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