Anxious, Stressed Out Parents Are Constantly Weighing Worst-Case Scenarios

Anxious, Stressed Out Parents Are Constantly Weighing Worst-Case Scenarios

Anxious parents weren’t born over night, but a shift can be pinpointed to 1984, when the first missing child’s picture was put on a milk carton as part of the National Child Safety Council’s Missing Children Milk Carton Campaign. At the same time, the 24-hour news cycle was coming into existence and local stories were frequently becoming national news, a rarity prior to this new news cycle. As a result parents became increasingly aware of the dangers  that could befall their children, and the “helicopter parenting style” become more of the norm than the exception. 

Alisyn’s guest today is author Lenore Skenazy, who coined the term “free-range kids” after making headlines for letting her 9 year old ride the subway alone. Through her organization, Let Grow, Lenore is on a mission to make it easy, normal and legal to give kids back some freedom.  

The pair talk about why parents are so much more anxious now and how society has shifted from sympathizing with parents to blaming them when something bad happens to a child.

Get a copy of Lenore’s book, Free-Range Kids: How Parents and Teachers Can Let Go and Let Grow, HERE, and learn more about the organization Let Grow HERE.

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