Making A Podcast Isn’t Always Easy

Making A Podcast Isn’t Always Easy

It’s the end of September and that means it’s time to say goodbye to our guest host, CNN’s Alisyn Camerota. In this ep, Alisyn shares a farewell message with our listeners, and we share a little behind the scenes audio from our recording sessions with the longtime news anchor and first time podcast host! 

We’re welcoming Black Girl, Lost Keys blog creator, René Brooks, to Distraction as our guest host for ADHD Awareness Month! René is an ADHD coach, who also has ADHD herself. She has some really interesting episodes planned for October. Take a listen to hear some of what René has in store for our listeners! Mark your calendar for Rene’s first episode on Tuesday, October 5th!  

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Distraction is sponsored by Landmark College in Putney, Vermont.  It’s the college for students who learn differently! Landmark offers comprehensive supports for students with ADHD and other learning differences, both on campus and online. Learn more HERE!

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