Here’s Your Reminder That It’s Okay To Disconnect

Here’s Your Reminder That It’s Okay To Disconnect

René encourages you to review how you’re using electronics and take steps to minimize the feelings of frustration that can bubble up when you’re constantly available and bombarded with information 24/7.

Our guest-host shares what led her to change some of the settings on her phone and computer last year, and details her methods.

“I’ve found notifications to be a disruptive presence in my life to a certain extent. And so where I can I’ve limited them or shut them down a bit so I can have more space to be in the present moment,” René says in this episode.   

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Distraction is sponsored by Landmark College in Putney, Vermont.  It’s the college for students who learn differently! Landmark offers comprehensive supports for students with ADHD and other learning differences, both on campus and online.

A Virtual Open House at Landmark College is scheduled for January 7th, 2022. Learn more HERE!

René Brooks is guest-hosting Distraction through December! René is an ADHD coach, writer and advocate who also has ADHD herself. From Black Girl, Lost Keys website: René Brooks is a late-life ADHD success story. After being diagnosed 3 times as a child (7, 11 and 25) she was finally able to get the treatment she deserved. René decided that her passion for helping others should be put toward people with this disorder who are struggling in silence or shame. She started Black Girl, Lost Keys to empower Black women with ADHD and show them how to live well with the condition. 

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