Lifting the Fog of ADHD

Lifting the Fog of ADHD

Kristin Seymour overcame many obstacles on the way to accomplishing her goals. She stole a car as an undergraduate college student and tested her parent’s patience on many occasions before being diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 19.

Kristin is now a successful Advanced Practice Nurse and wrote The Fog Lifted about her journey. She joined Dr. Hallowell in the studio in 2017 to talk about the ups and downs of her life, and how she came to realize that having ADHD is one of her biggest assets. Kristin once saved a man’s life on an airplane thanks to her ADHD strengths! 

The Fog Lifted A Clinician’s Victorious Journey With ADHD by Kristin Seymour on Amazon

Inquire about Kristin Seymour’s ADHD Resource Binder on her WEBSITE.

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This episode was originally released in October 2017. 


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