Feeling Overwhelmed? HOW TO ADHD

Feeling Overwhelmed? HOW TO ADHD

Feeling Overwhelmed? How to ADHD & Landmark College Offer Advice for Students

Students of all ages can have issues dealing with the stress and anxiety of their workload, whether they’re in elementary school, high school, college or beyond. But there is help for those who feel overwhelmed! Jessica McCabe from How to ADHD joins Dr. Hallowell to share some tips and ideas on how to manage those feelings when they arrive, and how to avoid feeling overwhelmed altogether! This special episode is sponsored by Landmark College, with content support from Professor Rebecca Matte

Check out Jessica’s website: How to ADHD

This Episode is sponsored by Landmark College in Putney, Vermont. It’s the college of choice for students who learn differently. Learn more at  http://www.lcdistraction.org



This Clasasic Episode Was Originally Released on November 29th 2017

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