Train Your Dog to Support Your ADHD

Train Your Dog to Support Your ADHD

Train Your Dog to Support Your ADHD with Jessica McCabe and Landmark College

Jessica McCabe of How to ADHD explains how dogs can be trained to help manage ADHD symptoms, alleviate anxiety, help regulate emotions and so much more! 

“Dogs can help us put on the brakes,” Jessica tells Dr. Hallowell in this episode. “It’s a wonderful thing.”

Dogs can be trained to sense when you’re going to have a panic attack, notice when your heart rate increases and detect spikes in cortisol and blood sugar.

Jessica also shares how she’s training her own dog, Chloe, as a psychiatric service dog in this special episode sponsored by Landmark College in Putney, Vermont.

Check out Jessica’s ADHD videos at HowtoADHD.

Do you have a psychiatric service dog or have you trained your dog to help you? Share your thoughts with us! Write an email or record a voice memo and send it to [email protected]

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This Classic Episode was originally released in March 2021

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