Ep 5: The Effect of Technology on Our Kids

The effect of technology on kids, a topic that keeps parents, educators, and many of us up at night. Ned hears from the pros, kids, parents and a special guest as he explores screen-time, online dangers, setting limits, and the latest apps parents should be concerned about. He also talks to a security expert and former FBI agent posing undercover online as a 13-year-old girl about these internet risks.

Dr. Susan Linn, co-founder of the campaign for a commercial-free childhood joins Ned in this episode to explain the effects of media on youth and offer tips for setting limits.

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Kids-Parent Contract

Teen-Parent Contract


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#4: 25 Minutes to a Calmer Approach to Life

The two icons of Mindfulness and Meditation on the same podcast. They’ll help you gain control. Mindfulness pioneer Jon Kabat-Zinn and Herb Benson, who got the world talking about meditation with his book, The Relaxation Response, join Ned for an inspiring conversation. And hear from a guy who created an app to help you on your way.

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#3 The Sleepisode: Sleep in the Age of Distraction

Tossing and turning at night? Ned chats with a sleep expert about how to fall asleep faster and what to do when you wake up in the middle of the night. And listen in as a director for Good Morning America and The Chew takes us through his pre-dawn routine. Can you say early?! Plus, find out what happens when you undergo a sleep study.

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Mini #1: Your Brain on Music

What does music do for us? Dr. Dan Levitin and Ned talk about how our brains interpret music, why we find it so captivating, and what all those piano lessons really did for us when we were younger. Dr. Levitin is a neuroscientist and top researcher into how our brains interpret music. He is the author of several #1 best-selling books including, This is Your Brain on Music, and his latest, The Organized Mind: Thinking Straight in the Age of Information Overload.

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Daniel Levitin’s book, This Is Your Brain on Music: http://daniellevitin.com/publicpage/books/this-is-your-brain-on-music/

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Ep 1 Exploration of Distraction

In this episode, Dr. Hallowell explores a few modern-day distractions with the help of several guests, including Dr. Daniel Levitin, a neuroscientist and the author of The Organized Mind. Learn why humans are so easily distracted, the most common distractions, and how to stay focused. You’ll also get some advice that just might save your life.

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Highway safety laws: http://www.ghsa.org/html/stateinfo/bystate/index.html

The Organized Mind by Daniel Levitin: http://www.daniellevitin.com/theorganizedmind/

Closing music from [email protected]: https://www.focusatwill.com/



ADHD Expert Dr. Hallowell Introduces Distraction

ADHD expert Dr. Ned Hallowell welcomes you to his new podcast Distraction, a show that will explore ways to manage the crazy-busy world of modern life and offer advice and insight that will help you combat everyday distractions, stress, and anxiety.  Hear from Dr. Hallowell, an authority on distraction, about the interviews, experts, and self-help topics he will cover in his show, subjects all of us can relate and those that are especially relevant to ADD/ADHD community.

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Meet Dr. Hallowell 

Books by Dr. Hallowell

The Hallowell Centers