Accommodations and Learning to Ask For What You Need

Accommodations and Learning to Ask For What You Need

We’re welcoming Black Girl, Lost Keys blog creator, René Brooks, to Distraction as our guest host for ADHD Awareness Month! René is an ADHD coach, writer and advocate who also has ADHD herself.

Today our guest host is joined by Inger Shaye Colzie, a psychotherapist and ADHD leadership coach, for a conversation about accommodations. They talk about the treatment journey and how you have to figure out what you need help with, and then practice asking for it.

As you’ll hear in today’s episode, René says advocating for yourself is a skill that you need to develop, as there are things that she would never have dreamed of asking for when she was first diagnosed, that she doesn’t think twice about asking for now.

The pair also talk about the give-and-take aspect of accommodations, and how everyone needs help in some part of life, whether they have ADHD or not. And that’s where your strengths can come into play, as you’ll hear them discuss.

Like René, Inger Shaye was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult, and was a therapist for 15 years before being diagnosed herself. Learn more about Inger Shaye Colzie on her website by clicking HERE.  And you can find  her Facebook group here: Black Women with ADHD

From Black Girl, Lost Keys website: René Brooks is a late-life ADHD success story. After being diagnosed 3 times as a child (7, 11 and 25) she was finally able to get the treatment she deserved. René decided that her passion for helping others should be put toward people with this disorder who are struggling in silence or shame. She started Black Girl, Lost Keys to empower Black women with ADHD and show them how to live well with the condition.

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