ADHD Expert Dr. Hallowell Introduces Distraction

ADHD expert Dr. Ned Hallowell welcomes you to his new podcast Distraction, a show that will explore ways to manage the crazy-busy world of modern life and offer advice and insight that will help you combat everyday distractions, stress, and anxiety.  Hear from Dr. Hallowell, an authority on distraction, about the interviews, experts, and self-help topics he will cover in his show, subjects all of us can relate and those that are especially relevant to ADD/ADHD community.

Show Notes:

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Why Are People Distracted?

A cartoon on the October cover of The New Yorker a few years ago showed trick-or-treaters knocking on a front door while their parents waited at curbside, all with their heads down, checking their smartphones. Was this so-called “screen-sucking,”...

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